It costs $325 to send a child to our camp. Donate now and sponsor a child going to camp for the week, or become a monthly partner!

The mission of Bellingham Royal Family KIDS is to create life-changing moments and make a positive impact on children who have experienced abuse and neglect. We are committed to breaking the cycle of abuse for children in foster care in Whatcom County.

Each moment we spend with these children, through camp and mentorship, is an opportunity to plant seeds of hope. Our goal is to instill happiness and wholeness that will help them become successful, healthy adults in the community. Partner with us to make moments matter for Whatcom County foster children!

Please consider making your donation a recurring one, and help us reach even more foster children in our area.

$65 – 1 Day of camp for a foster child ($1.25/week, $5.42/month)
$162.50 – 1/2 Week of camp for a foster child ($3.13/week, $13.50/month)
$325 – 1 Week of camp for a foster child ($6.25/week, $27/month)
$1,300 – 1 Cabin of 4 campers for the week ($25/week, $108.33/month)

Other Sponsorship Levels:
$5 – Camper water bottle (68 needed)
$8 – Memory book and photo printing (68)
$10 – Backpack for camper (68)
$10 – Bible for each camper (68)
$10 – School supplies (68)
$30 – Media player with camp songs (68)
$50 – Complete birthday for 1 camper (68)
$200 – All memory books + photo printing
$250 – 1 year of Mentoring Club for one camper
$300 – 1 camp counselor/staff member for the week
$500 – Birthday carnival
$1,200 – All extra activities for the week

$20,000 – Camp facilities for the week

*If there is a deficit or excess of donations for any specific camp expense, Bellingham Royal Family KIDS Camp leadership reserves the right to redirect funds to cover general camp expenses

If you wish to mail in your donation, please make out to:
Bellingham Royal Family KIDS
1400 Larrabee Ave Bellingham, WA 98225